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Get alerts from Volcanic Ash Aviation Centres worldwide. Click on one or more centres you are interested in. Review latest activities in ASHTAM or graphic format. No annoying notifications, just get the info whenever you want and the area you are interested in. Available on iPhones and iPads.
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Thirty-eight CAT-C European airports with the latest AIP information are available on this app.
Select the airport you are interested in for review or just for situational awareness on the pre-flight phase. If you already have a picture on the selected airport, you can access your photo library via the app itself. You can zoom-in up to 20 times the image for educational, situational awareness.
Perfect for Line Training Captains, TRI's, TRE's or just for yourself. You can also take a picture from the app and save it for future reference.
No need to open another one to take a picture. Everything is made to make it user friendly.
Saved pictures will be saved on your phone and not on the app itself, thus avoiding double use and thus, saving some memory usage.
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An alternative to standard MMEL method has been developed to dispatch an aircraft from the Crew Alerting System, CAS messages.
Aircraft registration can be saved for later communication to CAMO if needed.
Blue CAS message will sound with a single chime while amber CAS message will sound with two chimes. If ER OPS is affected, a special line will be added to remind the crew of potential pre-flight limitations.
Any messages with AFM limitations will bring up the associated AFM LIM button active for the crew to review.
Due date are calculated automatically and a local notification can be set to remind the crew of the deadline.
Very easy to use and snapshots can be sent to maintenance personnel for better communication if required.
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This app is aim for both, student and veterant pilots with 1000 of hours who just need to brush-up on technical aviation subjects.
Perfect for the technical airline interview preparation. We have combined the most probable tehnical questions based on our personnal experience in an alphabetical order.
Another section just presents in a quick sheet format, the different speed limitations, the take-off and landing graphs with their associated definitions and limitations, as well as the ICAO temperature correction table.
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G450/G550 freelance pilot and iOS developer for your operation if needed.
Access to over 28,000 airports worldwide in the tool bar menu. Calculate automatically your great circle distance and estimated time en-route. No internet connection required.
Perfect when your principal is asking an estimate from A to B. You will never be caught by surprise anymore.
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